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People New to the Business  


Thank you for you interest in Kettley and Company Realtors. As a growing company we are always looking for good new agents or experienced agents who are unhappy where they are currently working. For New agents to the industry we can offer great support, with our Management and clerical team that can assist on the many aspects of training and developing a new agent. We also provide outside professional training, usually through Lynn Madison Seminars fantastic program "Foundations to Success". We have also recently partnered together with "Your House Academy" for potential agents who need to take the Real Estate Class. More information can be found at


Experienced Agents


If you are already licensed and are thinking about switching companies we would love for you to interview us and see if we would be a good fit for you. Our company structure has changed very little in the last few years. We still strive to dominate the industry in advertising and service, provide top manager and clerical support to our agents, and provide all the basic resources. We do this without charging any monthly fees or office fees. Our split system is based on an agents production in the last full 12 months, and ranges from 60% to 80%. Again no copy machine fees, or stationary fees, or paper clip fees of any kind; up to an 80% split (historically for someone doing 4 million of Real Estate a year would put them at 80%); and the split is based on the last 12 months, it does not revert every January. Again we would love to sit and tell you more about our company. Please feel free to contact me or any member of our management team.?

Edward Kettley Jr
KETTLEY and Company REALTORS,inc.


Ed Kettley, Jr, Mgr.
  Edward Kettley, Mgr.
Carmen Briggs, Mgr.
  Margie Thorgesen, Mgr.
   Doug Bright, Mgr.
  Craig Elliott, Mgr.
 Steve Garton, Mgr.
   Jim Chione, Mgr.
  Cathy Peters, Mgr.

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